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Brand Strategy, Naming & Brand Identity

Pomme is a premium mentorship for entrepreneurs who want to reach the highest level.

The Dilemma

Create a brand that awakens the desire to raise the level of entrepreneurship through premium mentorship.

The Answer

We worked on the brand strategy process and created an iconic name to represent the entire luxury universe of the mentoring style offered. The visual identity and tone of voice were designed to sound exclusive with a priceless delivery.

Pomme logotype-80.jpg
Pomme logotype 3-80.jpg
Pomme spectrum-80.jpg
Pomme photo 3-80.jpg
Pomme Logotype 2-80.jpg
Pomme symbol 3-80.jpg
Pomme texture 2-80.jpg
Pomme packaging-80.jpg
Pomme variations-80.jpg
Pomme logotype 4-80.jpg
Pomme style sheet-80.jpg
Pomme photo 3_1-80.jpg
Pomme ribbons-80.jpg
Pomme website-80.jpg
Pomme bundle-80.jpg
  • Brand Strategy

  • Naming

  • Brand Identity

  • Website

Technical Sheet

Strategy & Design: Gledson Souza

Year: 2021

Location: Japan

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